Loan despite ongoing financing

A loan in spite of ongoing financing is possible, provided the conditions are met. In concrete terms, this means that you must have a high enough income and a good credit rating. If you pay your loan installments on time, banks will not care if you only have one or more loans at the same time.

Requirements for a loan despite ongoing financing

Requirements for a loan despite ongoing financing

Loans are not only given by banks, but also by mail order companies, local dealers, car dealers or private lenders. These lenders can themselves decide on which terms the lending should take place. As a rule, a good income and a positive private credit information is required. The latter applies, however, only for loans that are awarded in Germany. Foreign loans are subject to different conditions.

Often not only an income is required, which is sufficiently high, but also comes from an activity as an employee. The self-employed and freelancers generally find it harder to find suitable credit. This applies even more to the unemployed, Hartz IV recipients or other persons who are completely without their own income. If anything, they can only get a loan if they can prove a second applicant who meets all the conditions for lending.

A positive private credit information is also an indispensable prerequisite for a loan. If negative entries are stored here, it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to get a loan from a German bank or another lender.

Compare loan offers – make a decision

Compare loan offers - make a decision

Before deciding on a loan despite ongoing financing, it is strongly advised to compare the terms and conditions of different providers. In this comparison, attention should be paid to interest rates, the level of monthly loan installments and the length of the term. The interest rates can be credit-related or credit-independent. Credit-based interest rates are particularly interesting for people who have a very good credit rating. You can benefit from very favorable interest rates.

A loan in spite of ongoing financing can be added to a bank loan, a car loan, a real estate loan or a mail-order or dealer loan. It may be earmarked or freely usable. In some cases, it may be useful to combine existing loans with a new loan. Often, however, several loans exist at the same time.

The consequence of this is that the borrower has to pay several monthly loan installments to several lenders. Here, pay attention to a punctual and complete payment of the credit installments. If the income is too low, there can be problems here. For that reason, before investing extra, be sure to check that you are truly capable of paying off the loan installments over a longer period of time.

Application, authorization and payment

If the decision has been made for a loan, the application must be made. This can be done at the lender’s site or on the internet. However, not all lenders offer both options. The loan application must be completed in full and truthfully. If he has contacted the lender, the details are checked. You must also attach other documents, such as proof of income or assets. If all conditions are met, the loan can be approved and paid out within a few hours or days, despite ongoing financing. For the payout, you must specify a checking account that does not need to be at the same bank responsible for lending.

With a installment loan, the entire amount is paid out in one amount. Subsequently, it must be repaid in monthly installments over a fixed period. These installments for a loan, despite ongoing funding, are composed of interest and repayment amount.

Loan to balance the current account


A loan to clear the current account can be taken at the house bank or any other German bank, savings bank or Volksbank. It is always useful if the credit line has been drawn on and if it is not possible to repay the money in another way medium or short term and bring the account back into positive territory. Before borrowing, it is very important to compare various branch and direct banks. In addition, you may also consider other alternatives such as a personal loan or a loan from a private broker.

loan comparison

loan comparison

For a credit comparison, there are several comparison websites on the internet. It can be done around the clock and every day of the week and on public holidays. This is a major advantage over a direct comparison of local banks. In addition, a credit comparison on the Internet only takes a few minutes and delivers a reliable, cutting-edge result. It can be repeated at any time if you have not found the right loan or if you are looking for a new loan.

In a credit comparison, you should look at the possible loan sums, interest rates, maturities, and other credit terms of banks and private lenders. For a loan to clear the current account, smaller loan amounts in the three- or four-digit euro range are usually sufficient. If you meet the requirements and wish it, you are, of course, free to accept larger loan amounts and to use the money that is not needed for the balance of the current account, otherwise.

credit conditions

A loan may be granted if the customer meets the credit requirements of the bank or the private lender. The credit conditions of German banks, savings banks or local banks are generally very similar. In the vast majority of cases, the loans are only given to employees or civil servants who have a sufficiently high income and also have a positive private credit information. However, a loan to clear the current account may in many cases also be possible for self-employed or freelancers, who are already well-known to the bank and have distinguished themselves by their reliable payment behavior. Further details can be obtained from the banks.

The interest rates for an installment loan are almost always significantly lower than the interest rates for a credit line. For this reason, you can save money in the short- and medium- or long-term by choosing a loan to clear the checking account.

Application, authorization and payment

Similar to any other loan, a loan must be requested to clear out the checking account on the Internet or in the bank branch or the private lender. In addition, the current proof of income and evidence of additional securities must be attached. The loan application will be reviewed within a short time and will be approved if all the necessary conditions are met. Now the money can be paid out. It would be ideal if the transfer is made directly to the checking account, which should be balanced with the loan amount.

The loan conditions are agreed individually. This applies to the loan amount as well as to the amount of the monthly repayment installments, the length of the term and other important details on borrowing and repayment.

A Loan for Indebted, What Requirements?

Life likes to play pranks and sometimes it is difficult to predict all expenses that are waiting for us. It happens that we decide to take out a loan, after which it turns out that our needs are bigger than we anticipated and decide on the next loan… The sum we have to pay each month increases, and our credit rating decreases and every unplanned expenditure is quite big problem. In exceptional situations, a loan for indebted may be the solution.

  • Loans for indebted people
  • How do you pay off your payday?
  • How to consolidate loans?
  • Where to look for loans without Retrodatabase and ERT?
  • What to consider taking a loan without internet creditworthiness


Loans for Indebted People

Loans for Indebted People

Loans for indebted people very often are also advertised as loans without verification, loans without Retrodatabase and ERT, loans without certificates or loans without checking credit history. Of course, this is about payday loans, which are provided by non-bank institutions, or parabanks. This type of financial help can be very useful in a situation where, for some reason, we can not repay a loan installment within a specified period, but we are sure that we will get the necessary money in a short time and we will be able to return the loan. However, before we decide to take such a step, we need to read the terms of granting the loan without any certification.

How do you pay off your payday?

How do you pay off your payday?

Most loans at hand, ie, for example online loans that affect our account within a dozen minutes of submitting the application, have a very short repayment period. Many financial institutions give us only 30 days to return the entire sum borrowed, not infrequently increased by commissions and interest. It so happens that some people take another loan without verification to pay off the first one. In order to get out of this situation, which resembles a vicious circle, it is best to take out an online loan in installments. The repayment period of such an obligation is much longer, and in addition, the amounts we must spend monthly to repay are much smaller. There is also another solution, willingly chosen by people who know how to consolidate loans, that is, make one out of many debts.

How to Consolidate Loans?

How to Consolidate Loans?

It is worth explaining what the consolidation of loans is at the beginning. The solution is to combine all financial liabilities into one that will be repaid by one installment per month. Thanks to consolidation, we can significantly extend the repayment period of our debts, but this is associated with an increase in the total cost of debt. This is the principle of a consolidation loan, which is the best answer to the question of how to pay off the payday when we find ourselves in such a fake situation.

In some cases, the bank may request additional security in the form of a person living a loan or real estate, which if we do not pay our monthly installments may be taken away from us. This condition is a frequent reason why people in a difficult financial situation are looking for loans for indebted debts without a guarantor.

Where to Look for Loans without Retrodatabase and ERT?

Where to look for loans without BIK and KRD?

Loans for indebted persons, ie loans without Retrodatabase and loans without checking creditworthiness, are provided on-site at the premises of companies providing loans on the spot, or via the Internet, where we can find the most offers of parabanks. The number of these types of companies is still growing, due to the constantly increasing number of those interested in online loans without verification. Among loans for indebted people, loans without creditworthiness via the Internet and loans online are very popular, which in no case should be confused with a consolidation loan.

What to Consider Taking a Loan without Internet Creditworthiness

How to consolidate loans?

Companies offering non-bank loans without Retrodatabase take into account the financial risk involved, which is why these offers are often more expensive than regular online loans. Before we decide on a specific offer, it is worth analyzing the terms of various online loans without verification. In addition, before we get a loan online, we should have a ready plan to repay this loan. In the analysis of offers of non-bank companies, we can help you compare payday loans, which we can use for free on the Internet.As you can see from every situation, you can find a way out, but the most important thing is to keep common sense when borrowing money online, because it is theoretically very easy money, but each debt must be repaid. Very often the only solution in a situation when we need money immediately is a loan for indebted debts without a guarantor, but remember to analyze your situation very carefully before taking another loan.

Loans with Debt Collection – Where to Get?

Where to look for a loan with a bailiff’s job? Even in the case of non-bank loans, the choice will be relatively limited but it is also not an out of office situation. An assessment at

People looking for non-bank loans usually have a specific reason to reach for cash outside the bank. Most often it is simply a negative decision of the bank due to low creditworthiness or other loan repayments. Sometimes, however, these are more serious matters like negative credit history in database and even bailiffs’ activities.

Where to Get Loan?

In the latter case, can we count on getting a loan anywhere? Of course, there are many companies that offer the so-called loans with a debt collector, or if you prefer a loan with a bailiff’s occupation. However, most of these types of companies require payment of a preparation fee or prepayment before granting the loan. However, such a fee is non-refundable and even if we receive a negative decision to grant a loan, we will no longer pay such a fee. And you should know that some of the companies demand in this case to pay even several dozen or several hundred zloty prepayment. Nowadays, companies that still use such methods as part of granting their loans are considered unreliable and not honest. So we should avoid them from a distance…


One of the companies not charging before granting the loan is Lapuda Money. How can we learn from advertising materials, a loan is possible even when seized by bailiffs or arrears recorded in Databases.

The offer of a loan with a bailiff’s attachment enables a non-bank loan to be obtained even up to PLN 25,000. This applies even if we have a negative credit history at database. In the case of this loan, however, it is necessary to have a guarantor. This is a person who will be an additional security for the loan, but thanks to which we can get rid of bailiff debt once and for all. The person who guarantees the loan will enable the repayment of the loan, should the borrower be unable to pay its liabilities in the form of monthly loan installments in a timely manner. This is an interesting proposition for people struggling with various types of debt, because the cost of loans as non-bank conditions are not particularly high. We can conclude a loan agreement anywhere in the country, because all formalities related to obtaining a loan are settled via the Internet and by phone.